Vehicle Graphics

At Visualize we can create any style of visual graphics to be applied to vehicles.

We offer a full design and application package no matter what type or size of the vehicle.

Your vehicle can be used as a means of a billboard advertisement of your company.

Shop and Retail Signage

At Visualize we can create shop and retail signage from client's specifications or alternatively we can create a design for you.

We manufacture many styles of retail signage incorporating specialist lighting detail into the design if required.

We design, manufacture and install all our work. This ensures that our service is of the highest standard.

We carry insurance as required by many major shopping centre management companies to carry out installations.

Commercial Signage

At Visualize we can design and install durable signage to suit your requirements.

We specialize in manufacture, installation and maintenance of all types of commercial signage.

We help our clients to find answers to their commercial signage such as sizeing, illumination, materials, colours and location to name just a few.

All work that we carry out is fully insured and guaranteed.

Etched Plates

At Visualize we provide a full range of deep etch metal plates such as copper, aluminium, brass and stainless steel.

We carry out our own acid etching 2K paint fill and bake in our workshops.

Our service provides you the flexibility of custom plate content such as wording, logos or images and colours of your choice.

Custom Glass Wall Talkers / Whiteboards

At Visualize we manufacture and install custom glass wall talkers. We are not tied to standard colours or sizes or fitting detail.

Furthermore all processes are Irish manufactured, therefore reducing lead times.

Magnetic Boards

At Visualize we manufacture and install custom magnetic boards. This can be in form of metal or glass; if glass they can also be doubled as writable boards.

Acrylic Signs

We work with acrylic to produce many shapes and styles of Signs including: Name Plates, Room Signage, Magnetic Display Panels and Directory Signs.

Acrylic is a very versatile product and can take the form of Window display systems, folded information and Display Panels.

We can produce any quantity or size detail and install all our completed works.